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Aircraft Industry in India

The first aircraft in India was set up at Bangalore in 1940 under the name of Hindustan Aircraft Ltd it was a private company and was taken over by the government in 1942. Later on, it was merged into Aeronautics India Limited in 1964 to form Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. ( HAL ), Bangalore. Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd has 12 divisions with 19 production units across 7 locations in the country. The main divisions of HAL where various parts of aircraft are produced: Nasik division: In Nasik division MIG airframe is manufactured. Koraput division: In Koraput division the engine for MIG aircraft is manufactured. Hyderabad division: In Hyderabad division electronic equipment for MIG is manufactured. Kanpur division: In Kanpur division transport aircraft are manufactured. Lucknow division: In luck division equipments and accessories for the aircraft are manufactured. Bangalore division: In Bangalore division research and development activities are carried out. The aircra